The Period Playlist

We get it. Periods suck. We hope this Period Playlist will make this cycle suck a little less.

It’s shark week and the battle between acting sane and embracing the pain is exhausting. How are you ever going to come out alive? Shark Tank Theme Song -Shark Tank

The cravings are fierce. Did you just eat five hamburgers? Hungry Like the Wolf -Duran Duran

How am I ever going to work off all that food I just inhaled? Stressed Out -Twenty One Pilots

You accepted that the only cure to all of this stress, is more food. I Want Candy -The Strangelovers

You are laying in the fetal position thinking the cramps will never end. Your partner tries to console you, but … U Can’t Touch This -MC Hammer

People think you are going crazy and they try to send you to rehab, but you said “No. No. No.” Rehab -Amy Whinehouse

This has to be over soon, right? The Final Countdown -Europe

Did your tampon just come out clean? HALLELUJAH! You made it through another shark week. Walking on Sunshine -Katrina & The Waves

Well Sh*t…. Here we go again. Another cycle already? What Goes Around… Comes Around -Justin Timberlake

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