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YOU have the opportunity to change the world, one cycle at a time. 

Aunt Flow Background: Aunt Flow is committed to ensuring everyone has access to menstrual products. We accomplish this by selling 100% organic cotton menstrual products to businesses so that they can offer them to their customers and employees for free. Toilet paper is free, why aren’t tampons? We are currently providing tampons to organizations ranging from Stanford University to the local coffee shop.

Customer Care Specialist

PART-TIME. HOURLY. (10-20hrs/week) Based in Columbus, Ohio. Starting May 2018.

Job Description: You have a can do energy with a plan-ful way of getting things done. You thrive with the behind the scenes hard work that is essential for the greater goal. You are motivated by doing the right thing by people. You have a make it happen – team player attitude that is fun and optimistic. As a detailed self-starter, you enjoy balancing project driven work, at times calling for navigating pop up requests, along with being counted on for delivering on routine responsibilities. You possess a high sense of confidentiality in all matters. You are savvy in your keen sense of problem-solving by striving for excellence every day, being well organized and resourceful. You have a professional yet friendly communication style at all times; often interfacing in person and via email with community leaders.
You have the ability to anticipate needs, be intuitively informed, prioritize, and think ahead. You will be a contributing member to a dynamic, high performing team with an optimistic and results oriented approach. You are able to self-initiate and be proactive in your approach to projects. You will continually work to increase efficiency and develop a mindset of looking for ways to save time and maximize resources.
Responsibilities will include, but are not limited to:
  • Qualify "leads" and direct customers to the appropriate team member to finalize sales
  • Call potential customers to determine their stage in the deal cycle
  • Evaluate current customers and determine effective ways to increase the revenue of current customers
  • Send out monthly update emails to current customers and Aunt Flow supporters
  • Respond to customer support emails
  • Respond to calls from administrators in California that are inquiring information on new legislation impacting their schools and menstrual programs
  • Attend weekly team meetings at Columbus, Ohio office
  • Prepare, fill, and ship product
  • Deliver product in the Columbus region; access to a car is a plus
  • Maintain at all times a high level of confidentiality in all matters
  • Maintain at all times a high level of community stakeholder confidence.
  • Other tasks and responsibilities as needed
  • BONUS TRAITS: Ability to design with Adobe. Photography skills. Design acumen. Background in Shopify. Ability to run google ads. Experience with advertising on Amazon. 
  • Period positivity: If you cannot say the word "TAMPON" out loud in front of the CEO at a large company, this is not the role for you.
  • Strong attention to details
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Clear and compelling verbal and written communication
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Willingness to take initiative, think and act proactively to solve problems
  • Impeccable follow-through
  • Ability to work collaboratively as a member of a small, dynamic team
  • Ability to complete assignments independently, professionally, and in a timely manner
  •  Proficiency in Microsoft Office suite
  • Technology savvy and innovative, flexible
  • High degree of discretion and confidentiality
  • Commitment to the mission of Aunt Flow
  • Social media fluency
  • Knowledge of media and communications
  • Demonstrates understanding of social change
The monies: Contracted month-to-month. Hourly pay. $10-$12/hour.


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